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2024 SPSS Student Award Winners

Metabolism & Nutrition
Emily Estanich - WVU (J. Moritz)
Laney Froebel - Illinois (R. Dilger)
Joseph Gulizia - Auburn (W. Pacheco)
Lucas Knarr - WVU (J. Moritz)
Dmitri Malheiros - NCSU (K. Anderson)

Teaching, Pedagogy, Extension
Peyton Taylor, MSSTATE (Wells)

Processing & Products
Montana Riggs, Auburn (Bourassa)

Environment & Management (Well-being)
Melanie Bergman, Purdue (Fraley)

Grayson Walker, NCSU (Borst)

Clara Ziezold, Guelph (Bedecarrats)

Fozol Ovi, MSSTATE (Adhikari)
Amber Richards, UGA (Shariat)
Milan Sharma, UGA (Kim)
Tanmaie Kalapala, UARK (Jesudhasan)

SPSS Graduate Student Travel Awards
Clara Ziezold, Guelph (Bedecarrats)
Grayson Walker, NCSU (Borst)

Don R. Sloan Undergraduate Research Awards
Oral: Delaney Groves, VT (Persia)
Poster: Reyna Mero, CSUFresno (Tarrant)

Don R. Sloan Undergraduate Participants
Matthew Hughes, Auburn
Fang Peng, Hunan Ag. U.
Delaney Groves, VT
Thiago Yabuta, NCSU
Jacob Dees, Auburn
Parker Watson, TAMU
Shaunie Cruz, Clemson
Jordan Smith, S. ARK
Grace Rutherford, S. ARK
Reyna Mero, CSUFresno
Urias Castillo, Auburn
Neketa Hughes, Guyana
Ari Bragg, Clemson
Anna Kathryn Riggs, MSSTATE

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